In 1985 I published my first novel Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit. it won a few prizes and later I adapted it for BBC TV where we won a BAFTA for best drama. 25years later I revisited some of that material - and told the story of my adoption - in the memoir Why Be Happy When You Could be Normal?

I’ve written a lot over the years; novels, essays, short stories, kids’ books, screenplays. I am published in 23 countries and many languages so if you want to buy my books, it’s easy. I hope you will do so using your great local independent bookstore.

This is different though - here on Substack.

It’s new for me and I want to see how it works - and I guess that depends on whether it works for my readers. We’ll find out.

I live in England. In the Cotswolds. Proper countryside. A big garden and a wood. 2 cats and a dog. If you’ve visited my Twitter account at WintersonWorld, you’ll know those creatures.

For me, all of life is connected. I’d like to connect some of that life to you here.

I’m telling you stories. Trust me

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