I am a dreamer woman we always have to dream, always…. Always..

Then I don't waste time, today night , after reading and playing for a while with Cosme my cat, well sometimes I call him Mimi, especially when I feel affectionate with him.

I also have a stage that I like to make others happy, as you say very good for my psyche. With Emilio, my friend of a year and a half, He usually said me Ana come, come and we start walk through the park and he greets everyone sitting on a bench. If they are older people I usually stop on purpose for Emilio to say hello to them and we can have a moment to chat. Emilio manages to get a spontaneous smile out of them. These are moments of happiness for all. He also greets the pretty girls, another added pleasure for me. Jiji

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JW, thanks. I don't know how, but it feels like you knew what I was thinking about! Maybe lots of people are thinking about first thoughts and the language we let in today.

This morning, I was singing the elbow lyric in the shower 'the way the day begins, decides the shade of everything'.

Since reading 12 Bytes I've been writing so much and looking for good stories about the future. I keep finding horrible ones in films (I watched Blade Runner and then a film called Mute, both horribly sexist) and it's affected me. So I am going to watch Celine Siamma and read Ali Smith later tonight. They are storytellers I trust to guide my dreams and provide the higher narrative. As are you. X

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He was sitting in the lounge of the Empire Hotel

He was drinking for diversion

He was thinking for himself

A little money riding on the Maple Leafs

Along comes a lady in lacy sleeves

She says let me sit down

You know, drinkin' alone's a shame (It's a shame it's a crying shame)

Look at those jokers

Glued to that damn hockey game

Hey honey-you've got lots of cash

Bring us round a bottle

And we'll have some laughs

Gin's what I'm drinking

I was raised on robbery

I'm a pretty good cook

Sitting on my groceries

Come up to my kitchen

I'll show you my best recipe

I try and I try but I can't save a cent

I'm up after midnight, cooking

Trying to make my rent

I'm rough but I'm pleasin'

I was raised on robbery

We had a little money once

They were pushing through a four lane highway

Government gave us three thousand dollars

You should have seen it fly away

First he bought a '57 Biscayne

He put it in the ditch

He drunk up all the rest

That son of a bitch

His blood's bad whiskey

I was raised on robbery

You know you ain't bad looking

I like the way you hold your drinks

Come home with me, honey

I ain't asking for no full length mink

Hey, where you going

Don't go yet

Your glass ain't empty and we just met

You're mean when your loaded

I was raised on robbery

-Joni Mitchell

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Oh, that was so good, especially about talking and distractions. Where can I read your book?

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Just discovered your wise words here Jeanette. Thank you - I'll keep looking for them!

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The kitchen is the true soul of a house. Not the living-room. People gather more often in the kitchen for talks, confidences. Perhaps because food is prepared there, it has a nurturing quality that atracts us to be there, even if just with the company of a book, listening to music or simply sitting there by ourselves quietly (...eventually writing too.) Many years ago, I had one of my favourite poems by Rainer Maria Rilke ("I live my life in growing orbits, which move out over the things of this world...") hung there above the kitchen counter, because I wanted to learn it in its original language. I decided to create a little walz tune for it, so I could 'sing' it anywhere. I still do it - it makes my heart dance. Often it is in the kitchen that I get my best reflections and inspirations.

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Thank you for your words.

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I read your books every year for I love the language so

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Jan 25, 2022·edited Jan 25, 2022

Your hidden yoga practice is revealed again! Reading to “settle the mind” sounds a lot like the yogi’s practice of quieting the mind. Finding one sentence or word to alight into sleep sounds a lot like dream yoga. Personally, my practice is balancing a light novel on my head while in a pretzel pose ;) No, it’s reading a verse each night from Loren Roche’s translation of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra text “The Radiance Sutras”. I find it lives up to it’s subtitle “112 Gateways to the Yoga of Wonder and Delight”. Yes, you can have your yoga and read it too :)

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I'll be thinking about this every day. Thank you.

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I read a lot more poetry because even if I'm tired I can read a couple poems in the morning or before sleeping.

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Profound. Thank you JW.

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...actually, I think I prefer ' a smile and a quick hello' in the mirror in the morning to staring. Better.

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Thank you

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Funny, I was thinking of 'ladies of the canyon' today

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looking in the mirror and really staring at ourselves helps us to know ourselves, I think. Also, like ourselves again, a renewal. a new start. Always a new start every day. We can do this

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